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“The Super Wealth Secret”

How The Little Guy Can Still Get Rich At The Racetrack Today

Dear Friend at the Track,

It’s so simple and easy I could tell you in one sentence.

You can start small and quickly build on your profits.

If you’ve got some Racing Forms on hand you can prove it to yourself in 10 minutes.

It’s not a betting scheme.  You only play one horse in a race.

It doesn’t matter who the trainer or jockey is.  It doesn’t matter how the horse ran in his last race.  It doesn’t matter if the horse is going up or down in class, changing from turf to dirt or sprint to route.  Nor does speed, pace, tote board odds or “expert” published opinion matter.

The only thing that does matter is The Super Wealth Secret in the horses past performances.  This is your alarm bell that today is the day to definitely make real money!  The kind of score that can turn racing into your own lucrative private cash business!

The secret is so powerful you can count on it anytime you go to the track, simulcast or O.T.B.  You can bet “Early Bird”.  You don’t need to see the odds.  When you know what to look for, the Super Wealth Secret play will literally leap off the page for you!

“This Is The Answer You Have Been Searching For!!”


Feast your eyes on these recent winners the amazing Super Wealth Secret mechanical system spotted instantly:


Kluggie $17.80   Polvita $18.40
Von Rian’s Express $15.60   Ice Zone $24.00
Millview $39.40   Golden Pond $43.20

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Roci’s Revenge $12.80   Documento $25.60
Page Six $22.80   Determinella $18.20
Win Pool $11.60   Instant Charmer $14.20
Homecoming Flag $36.20   Ms. Jane $22.00
Millbrae $15.60   Dawn’s Black Tie $52.40
Kalempress $13.40   Dynasty $10.60
Healbequick $22.20   Berkshire Shopper $21.80
High Gun Ryder $38.60   Mi Suk $18.00
Tina Celesta $60.80   Marvy Sal $18.40
Empress of Reality $21.20   Martini Rose $38.80

Each and every one of these winners is illustrated in The Super Wealth Secret instruction manual.

Dozens of clear examples so you can use the Super Wealth Secret perfectly and confidently from your very first play!

It only takes a few minutes to do an entire ten (10) race card.  It’s ideal for multi-track play.  You quickly and accurately select the surest winners at the best prices.  And you ignore races where you don’t have The Super Wealth Secret Edge.  This strategy is a great way to focus your betting on the true big money making opportunities at your track or O.T.B.

These outstanding plays come up every day at every racetrack in the country.  And they are quick and easy to find.  If you know what to look for!

The Super Wealth Secret is so powerful and logical, it works equally well at all tracks and all breeds! Thoroughbred, Harness, Greyhounds or Quarter Horses.

You’ve probably looked at Super Wealth Secret horses’ dozens of times in the past performances and never realized the important reason The Super Wealth Secret is so valuable and dependable.

See for yourself what it feels like to win more than 50% of your bets! – NOW, THIS IS REAL IMPACT VALUE!

It really works and it’s no fluke—the irrefutable logic and consistent proven success of The Super Wealth Secret lets you use it with confidence from the first day you receive it.  And, most important, the results will convince you that you truly have the golden nugget for racetrack betting.

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This knowledge permits you to be a master horseplayer at any track anywhere in the world.  Your knowledge and understanding puts you light years ahead of the crowd.  You bet with confidence—even your first time at a new track or at the beginning of a new season.

Prove the power of The Super Wealth Secret to yourself on a no-risk basisUse The Super Wealth Secret on back Forms or at your track or O.T.B.  If this isn’t the most remarkable professional winning strategy you have ever seen, simply return it for an immediate refund of your fee.  You have up to 60 days to decide.  Remember:  It is guaranteed to work for you at all types of racing and at all tracks.  No ifs, ands or buts.

This is definitely the quality angle you have been looking for.  And you only have to buy true quality information once.  It lasts a lifetime!!

The Super Wealth Secret has served me well over many fine seasons at the races all over the world (I especially enjoyed racing in Australia.  Almost every town has a racetrack!)  The Super Wealth Secret worked great from day one.  It also worked for me touring the tracks in France and Great Britain.  I’ve traveled the horse racing world in style.  And it’s all because of The Super Wealth Secret!

This knowledge never leaves you.  You can use it whenever you choose.  In any season.  At any type of racing wherever you choose to go.

Enjoy the tremendous feeling of independence being an expert at the races.  Experience the freedom to go wherever you choose in the world and succeed at a game that defies other players.  And enjoy the luxuries that come with being a winning player.

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And if you bet in Las Vegas or by Phone-Bet or O.T.B., you can easily play multiple tracks.  Bet with the quiet confidence that comes from your own winning results.

You’ll have the security of knowing you can supplement your current income using The Super Wealth Secret at the races.  You can start on a part time basis.  As you experience success for yourself and gain confidence, you can make the races a bigger part of your life.  It’s all up to you.

Let’s face it.  If you’re not currently building up large amounts of cash at the races, you’re really wasting your time.  If you aren’t using The Super Wealth Secret, you are leaving a lot of money on the table!

The most effective strategies in any business are simple.

The Super Wealth Secret is elegant in its simplicity and amazing in its effectiveness.  Even the first time you use it.

And The Super Wealth Secret can work for you.  See for yourself on a no-risk basis

At the races, knowledge is truly power.  You bet against other people.  And the person with the most knowledge has a big, big edge.  Get started and see for yourself today!

“No-Risk Guarantee”

Accept The Super Wealth Secret for your own consideration on a no-risk basis.  You must be completely satisfied or return it for an immediate refund of your fee.  You have up to 60 days to decide.  What could be more fair?

James Allen
James Allen

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